Going on a Ghost Tour: 3 Things to Remember

Old abandoned haunted houseGoing on a ghost tour is always one of the best ways to bond with your friends. It can be a bit scary, but if you and your pals are up for some amazing adventure, then visiting a haunted house should definitely be on your list.

Here are some things that you must remember before going to a haunted house in Charleston, SC.

Call for a Reservation

Most ghost tours won’t accept walk-ins, which is why it would be good to call in advance and make a reservation. Know how many of your friends would be coming with you and list down some of their essential information such as their full names, addresses, and contact numbers. Also, take note that some cities restrict the number of customers per guide, so if you’re a large group, then know that you might be separated into smaller groups.

Don’t be Late

Since you’ll be taking the tour with other people, it’s best to arrive on time. Most tours will require their guests to come 15 minutes before the tour actually starts to make sure that it will start and end on time. If you come in late, you risk the chance of getting left out from the tour, which will cost you a whole lot of money and time.

Consider Going Off Season

If you want to make the experience a memorable and comfortable one, consider going during the off-season. Visiting the haunted house during the peak season means that you’d have to squeeze yourself in with a lot of people, which can be a hassle for both you and your friends. Don’t go during holidays and most especially during the Halloween season, as this is usually the time when people visit haunted houses.

Always wear comfortable clothing to make sure that you’ll enjoy the whole experience. Brace yourself for one of the most exciting events of your life!