5 Secrets Your Jeweler Will Not Divulge

Scattered diamondsAre you getting ready to add some pieces to your collection? Or is this your first time investing in jewelry.

Without a doubt, jewelry is expensive. Don’t even get started on the tedious process of procuring one. You don’t only have to put a lot of thought in deciding which piece you’ll be getting; you also need to exert a lot effort to be able to buy whatever that is. However, there are some secrets that jewelers in Salt Lake City know that can help you make the most out of your next purchases. AAA Jewelers tells us more.

Make the most out of your traditional jewels.

You can have pieces that were passed on to you turned into something you like. Your jewelers can get the stones out, rearrange it, and do a custom design for you.

Genuine isn’t always valuable.

Your stones may be genuine, but it can be worthless. Be careful with this, because there are stones that are worth less than a dollar per karat because of their cut and color, but you can still sell it for bigger bucks.

Watch out for fake ruby.

Your rubies might not be the real thing. It may be composed of 40 percent glass. Sneaky jewelers sell their “composite rubies,” for the full price.

Look for a jeweler with a generous return policy.

In buying expensive pieces, always ask your jeweler to write the details of your piece on the receipt. Then have it checked by an appraiser who has good credentials (CGA, CMA, or MGA). This can help you validate if your pieces are real and if you bought it at a reasonable price.

Keep your pieces clean.

It reflects value. It can even look better than other pieces. Keep in mind that a clean imperfect diamond will look more attractive than a dirty flawless piece.

These tips can help you be keen on your next purchases and will make you verify every detail with your jeweler.