Understanding Steel Fabrication Techniques

Steel FabricationSteel fabrication is one of the most significant services that the nation’s manufacturing industry has had over the years. Gleaning from steel fabricators in Edmonton, individual processes such as smelting, refining, and casting determine the quality of the product. The latter method depends on various applications in which you plan to use the steel products.

Your steel fabricator should advise you accordingly. With that in mind, here are three common fabrication techniques that you can apply:


Almost every fabrication process will have a cutting phase. However, to get the most from this, it is best if you supply your fabricator with the exact dimensions of the products that you plan to create. The fabricator will then determine which plasma torches, saws, or water jets will help achieve the desired cut.


Depending on your product design, the fabricator will use a blend of manual and powered hammers and press brakes to bend the steel accordingly. Press brakes are the best equipment for creating clean and accurate bends.


Usually, this is the last process in steel fabrication where the fabricator joins the different cut and bent parts. However, you do not have to go through the two processes if you have your steel parts well cut and bent. A different fabricator can still do the assembling for you.

In the end, steel fabricators in Edmonton agree that it takes careful consideration to determine the technique that will give their customers the exact products that they need. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you also learn how each of these techniques will help you meet the needs of your clients on time.