Usual Diamond Damage Sources You May Not Notice

A DiamondYou notice your precious diamond ring keeps snagging on your clothes, towels, or the inside of your bags and purses. You then realize you have not had it checked and inspected for a while now.

In this case, now is the best time to do so, since the longer you wait, the greater the risk of your prized possession sustaining even more damages.

The good news is, with the help of a professional Salt Lake City jewelry repair service, you can have your ring back in great shape, giving it back its shine and luster, even further boosting its lifespan.

Prong issues: The most common culprit

Most traditional rings feature a prong setting. The prongs are those small, claw-like metal securing the stone in place. They securely grip your diamond ring, ensuring that it remains in proper position. They can come in round, flat, V-shaped, or pointed styles.

Like everything else, prongs will develop wear and tear over time; sooner, if you do not practice proper jewelry maintenance. Delays in having prong problems repaired can cause disastrous loss, especially in rings that make use of the four-prong setting.

Early onset of problems with prongs

There are plenty of reasons prongs sustain damages. Chemical damage is one of them. Many household products, like household cleaning solutions, contain chemicals that will not just weaken the metals used in the prongs, but also ruin the stone set on the ring.

Also, before taking a dip in a swimming pool, make sure you remove your ring. Chlorine is one of the worse enemies of jewelry.

Physical impact

While diamonds are the hardest minerals, they can still crack from a severe physical impact. Moreover, if they can sustain damage from this, your ring’s prongs would receive even greater harm.

The last thing you want to happen is to lose that diamond, so have your ring inspected thoroughly and repaired by a specialist as soon as you notice the signs as mentioned above.