Traditional: The Most Persistent Parts of Weddings Around the World

Wedding SignageSome people want their wedding to be traditional, with family and friends around, in their house of worship, complete with the bridal entourage, flowers and such. Others want it to be modern, with many touches of personality reflecting the bride and groom’s. Whatever the kind of wedding you want, some things hardly ever change.

Here are some of the more persistent parts of a wedding that couples just need to have on their special day:

The bouquet

Whether it’s a simple Bohemian style wedding in a garden or something a bit more old-fashioned, the bride’s hands cannot be empty. Those flowers are a part of tradition almost anywhere. In many wedding feasts, the bride chucks them to a group of all the single ladies present, and whoever catches the bouquet is supposed to be the next to get hitched. The bouquet tradition has persisted, for beauty and fun if for nothing else.

The ride

In some weddings, the bridal ride is a horse or a carriage. But more people still go for the classic. Wedding car hires like is still the preferred means of travel for the bride and groom right after the wedding, either for transporting them from the wedding venue to the banquet or from the wedding banquet to their honeymoon destination (or at least the airport).

The music

Most receptions are filled with music, whether classical or jazz or rock and everything in between. As for the music at the venue, the same tune has persisted for more than a century: the Bridal Chorus from Wagner’s Lohengrin. You might know it as ‘Here Comes the Bride’.

The feast

Of course, there’s food. In practically every human milestone, celebrations have always been held with food and drink, and weddings are some of the most anticipated showcases of the best food (wedding cake!) and champagne.

Weddings differ all around the world, in many cultures and religions, but some aspects of a wedding are pretty much consistent and easily recognised. You might encounter a wedding that’s totally different from what you’ve become used to, but these parts are usually always there.