Three Elements of Your Wedding You Should Never Skimp On

Wedding FontWho doesn’t want to save money on their wedding? Wedding expenses can quickly escalate if you’re not careful. Inviting everyone you know (even people you don’t usually see or talk to), buying thousands of flowers, getting a real, multi-level wedding cake, etc. can all lead to a broken budget.

You have to know your expenses and make better decisions when planning your wedding before things get out of hand. There are some parts, however, that you should avoid skimping on. Here are three of them:

Photography and Videography

Budget wedding advice blogs typically suggest asking a friend or a cousin to take pictures and videos, so you don’t have to pay a pro. But professional photographers in Salt Lake City understand how to take the right shots during a wedding. The quality of the photos and videos is assured. Those photos and videos are likely to stay with you for life, and most of them will appear online (if you choose so); your children and grandchildren might be interested in looking at them decades from now, so better go with a pro if you want to be sure about quality.

Food and Drinks

Your guests may or may not be impressed by your wedding, but they’ll be happy for you all the same. But if they are not satisfied by the food, they will end up talking about it long after you and your spouse have driven off into the sunset. Don’t order the cheapest menu you can find with a run-of-the-mill “caterer”. Trust only a caterer with a good reputation and schedule a tasting before finalizing your menu.

Tips for Professionals

If you’re happy with a professional’s work — say, your makeup artist and hairdresser — show your appreciation by giving them a little extra. Do a bit of research on how much these professionals usually get as a tip on top of their regular fees.

It’s great not to spend all of your savings on your wedding. After all, you have the rest of your lives together after that, and you need money. But make sure you know which elements of your wedding are worth spending a bit more on.