On Your Own for Your Own: The Freelance Nail Artist’s Guide to a Better Career

Professional pedicure master workingFor most freelance estheticians: manicure is advertising, pedicure is a surprise. The beautiful nails of their customers advertise their works, which draws in new customers who require the same service. You’ve seen some very creative nail work, which has encouraged you to make a career move.

If you’re planning to become a freelance esthetician with a focus on nail art, here’s what you need to do:

Secure Your Certificate

There are plenty of ways to improve your manicure and pedicure service. But before becoming your own boss and getting home service requests, you have to secure your certificate first.  Some states require it. But more than a legal requirement, an educational certification will give your customers assurance of your skills and professionalism.

Work at an Established Salon

Practice, practice, and practice. Working in a salon will allow you to gain professional experience. You will also get to build a network of customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the salon as an intern or as a paid professional. The important thing is to immerse yourself in the workplace, learn how salons operate, and establish relationships you could explore when you transition to freelance work.

Manage Your Cash Flow

Your professional certificate and skills as an esthetician, with the pool of clients, will allow you to do business. And that is what you need to focus on: you have a business, which requires financial management. So you need to learn how to balance your books or you can hire another professional to handle your money. Without sound budgeting, tracking of your expenses, and smart financing, your business could suffer. As a freelancer, you need to make sure that you’re financially stable to carry on, in the long term.

Some may see the industry of estheticians as underrated, but it’s definitely not a lost cause. Investing your time and effort is essential to entering this line of work. With careful assessment and determination, you can make a good living as a freelance esthetician.