Beginners, Steer Away From These 6 Myths About Makeup

Girl applying powder foundation

Look around and you will notice almost everyone you meet has some bit of advice on makeup to share with you. While some of these people are professionals in the field, others are self-proclaimed individuals, and you need to know whether a particular advice is worth following.

To avoid finding yourself in the same trouble most beginners fall into, it is important you steer away from the following myths about makeup debunked by experts at the London MakeUp School.

Makeup is Responsible for Face Breakouts

That is a big lie. It is poor hygiene when applying makeup that causes breakouts. Ensure your face is clean before applying any makeup. Good skin care forms the base of flawless makeup application.

Expensive Cosmetics are More Effective than Cheap Cosmetics

Do not let price tags fool you! Bad makeup products are available in all price ranges. The good thing is you can test any makeup before making a final decision on buying it. Sometimes expensive only means you have to keep paying more for days to come.

You Need Not Clean Your Brushes

Makeup brushes are suitable habitats for bacteria that will, in turn, prompt face breakouts. Cleaning your brushes at least once a month will keep the in good shape as well as in proper working condition.

Concealer Precedes Foundation

Many people believe this, but the converse is true. Your foundation covers up all the face blemishes. The concealer then comes in to cover the stubborn areas that your foundation could not cover. Applying concealer after applying foundation also saves you time to even out the makeup.

Dark Foundations Tarn One’s Face

People have different skin tones. If you end up with a shade darker than your skin tone, it clearly shows that you selected the wrong foundation. For optimal results, find a foundation that matches your skin colour.

Use an Eye Pencil of the Same Colour as Your Eyebrows

Matching your eye pencil colour and your brow colour makes the eyebrows look harsh. It is advisable you choose a shade that is a little lighter than your eyebrow to keep your brows looking neat and more natural.

In makeup application, beginners need to muster the above myths to climb the ladder of success. You can also learn more about these skills by enrolling in a makeup academy and kick start your career.