4 Activities to Bond with Your Kid

Two kids playing basketballFeeling out of the loop with your kid’s life lately? Well, you just need to win them out by doing various fun activities with them. No idea on what to do? Here are some few family fun activities you just might want to try out with your kids:

Start Cooking and Baking

Who doesn’t love to lick those spoons with chocolate on them, or put sprinkles on those freshly-baked cupcakes? Now, these activities will help gain your child’s attention — and maybe your husband, too. Let it become a family bonding time.

Camp Out and Explore

Go ahead and explore the wild outdoors. Let your children learn how to fish with dad, and probably grill some barbecues too. Let them learn some camping hacks, such as setting up the tent or lighting up the campfire. You may also enjoy quality time together while teaching your kids. There’s El Rancho Home Park or the KOA Journey camping grounds that you can visit if you are anywhere near Albuquerque.

Amuse Them with Rides

Many amusement parks in Albuquerque can offer you some family fun. In Cliff’s Amusement Park, for example, they have Kiddyland for your little ones and thrill rides for teens and adults. As long as you find a park that offers attractions for people of all ages, then you’re good.

Go for Arts and Crafts

Do some do-it-yourself projects with them. Unleash the creativity in your child. Teach them how recyclable things can become useful again. If you’re not sure of what crafts to teach them, go watch online tutorials.

Involve Them When You Do House Repairs

Involve them in painting their rooms or let them hand over the tools when you’re doing repairs. You do not only teach them practical house chores but at the same time prepare them for what is in store in real life. Let them also do some painting for your dog house (if you have one) or your mailboxes. You may personalize it as you wish.

Family bonding activities are necessary since it improves your relationship with your kids. It also reinforces mutual respect between you and your child. You’ll see how you’ll become closer to them.

Use this time as an opportunity for you to get to know your child. Let them realize that you can be their friend too aside from being their parent.