3 Must-dos for a Great Bachelor’s Party

A group of male friends on a bachelor partyAre you planning a bachelor’s party soon? There are plenty of options when it comes to activities and places to visit. You can check San Diego bachelor party packages, for instance, if you’re looking for bottle services as well as some VIP party ideas.

Whether you’re DIY-ing everything or not, here are some must-dos you should observe when planning a bachelor’s party.

1. Strictly, no photos

It’s hard to keep what happens during a bachelor’s party private if someone posts a photo of it on Facebook. Or worse, creates a Facebook live video of what’s currently going down. Sure, you can take a quick snap of the groom and the crew before you go out into the night, but don’t live tweet or create a live feed of where and what you’re doing.

These days, it’s hard to keep someone away from their phone. Either you have everyone swear an oath about not taking photos or collect the smartphones before you even begin. It’s just safer this way.

2. Always have the groom’s back

It’s his last night to party as an unmarried man, but that doesn’t mean the crew should get him drunk and let him do whatever it pleases, especially if it borders on being uncivilized. If you need to, water down his drinks so he can pace himself. Make sure everyone’s having fun, but keep it all civilized, especially if you have a few rowdy characters in the bunch.

3. Respect the bride’s rules about lap dances

Some brides think that lap dances border on cheating. Before you throw money on lap dances, make sure you’re fully aware of the bride’s rules. After all, you don’t want to get on the bride’s bad side. If she’s cool with it, then feel free to make it rain. Otherwise, don’t force anything.

They say that the best parties are often the ones unplanned. But when it comes to bachelor’s parties, it pays to spread it over the weekend so you don’t end up with a jam-packed Friday or Saturday night. Most of all, keep it classy.