How Do Unmarried Men Obtain Child Custody?

man taking paternity testIf you’re looking for a child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs, Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne and other experts noted that it’s best to find one who specializes in cases involving unmarried fathers.

Conventional wisdom dictates men to establish paternity as soon as possible after a child is born, even if the state law says that this could be done before the person becomes 18 years old. This allows the child to enjoy the same legal rights and benefits compared with the child of a married couple.

Paternity Test

An established paternity is critical not only for child custody, but also for financial support. It can be agreed upon or presumed, with the latter being more complicated. An acknowledged paternity happens when the man claims to be the father of the child, or when an agreement is made between the parents.

Presumed fathers still pay child support, unless proven otherwise to a judge. Visitation rights also come into play when discussing child custody with your lawyer. If you are unable to establish paternity, it would be more difficult to spend time with your child after you break up with your domestic partner.

Child Support System

Colorado requires all formerly married men to provide child support. The only exception may apply to alleged fathers, who should acknowledge their affiliation with the child. Stepfathers are also not required to pay child support, only if they didn’t decide to adopt their partner’s children.

In some cases, you may need to support your child until they finish college. A custody agreement should include this as one of the terms, particularly if the mother is financially incapable of paying for the child’s education all by herself.

Avoid complications with your child custody agreement by establishing paternity at the earliest time, even after you decided to marry the mother of your child. How do you plan to establish paternity to your child?