How Can a Drug Defense Attorney Help You?

Female drug defense attorneyGetting a drug charge, whether it is wrongful or not (controlled substance, distribution and trafficking, manufacturing, and possession), should be approached carefully. Hiring a drug defense attorney from law firms such as The Law Office of Troy P. Owens, Jr. is the best response. You are treading between freedom and jail time, so make good decisions when choosing one. But how can a drug defense attorney help you?

Defense attorneys represent people who are criminally charged in court. They assist clients through the whole process. They assist from pre-trial to trial.

1. Tell What You What to Do

During a pre-trial, clients can choose to retain a defense attorney. Defense attorneys can instruct you not to divulge incriminating information, reduce bail if detained, or convince a court to have charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. They also help you assert your right against searches and seizures.

2. Create a strong defense

During a trial, among other things, defense attorneys analyze your case to put up a defense strategy. Looking at all possible angles, all facts are examined. They protect your rights in court, negotiate plea deals, and explain all laws related to your case.

3. Plead for lenient decisions

A drug defense attorney can also try to convince the judge,  jury, and prosecutor to be lenient in their decisions. He will explain your case and relate it to other cases that have been given lenient rulings. He can also use your personal situation, which has led to your offense.

4. Search for other options

Clients with no prior criminal history are often given substance abuse treatment in place of conviction. Otherwise, the defense attorney has to work harder to have the case dismissed. If the facts hold true to both the law and the defendant, the case is dismissed.

A drug offense is a highly tried one in US courts. About half of charges are possession of an illegal substance, so law enforcement officers are very strict and efficient in making arrests. Without the aid of a drug defense attorney, getting jail time is very imminent.