Ending Your Marriage: How to Keep Your Divorce Civil and Painless

a couple talking to a lawyerIt starts with falling in love, then you get married and have children. After a while, your differences are sinking in, and you can’t hold on any longer. Sometimes, there are loud aggressive arguments, which make it clear that your relationship isn’t destined to last.

At this point, you need a Denver, CO family law attorney to intervene and help you with the divorce proceedings. Due to the emotional roller coaster that accompanies the process, you immediately learn that a divorce can affect those around you.

Don’t lose your cool

No, don’t get it wrong. Anger is a healthy emotion, especially in the face of betrayal in a marriage. Flying into a fit of anger and acting in a manner that comes off as aggressive and threatening, however, is not. This can land you in police custody and cause your estranged spouse to obtain a restraining order against you.

Such an incident also counts against you in court proceedings, especially when children are involved. The judge is likely not to rule in your favor if you come off as unhinged or emotionally stable. Despite all the anger and pain, it’s in your best interest to avoid coming off as aggressive.

Don’t go after the money

During a nasty separation, there’s a risk of being cleaned out financially, especially when you hold a joint account. Therefore, it’s common for a spouse to move the money to a different account. While this might seem like a logical thing to do, it only counts as another strike against you. The judge hearing your case might think that you’re trying to hide the money. As a result, they can slap you with sanctions, forcing you to give your entire share or even send you to jail.

Going through a divorce can cause you considerable mental and emotional anguish. However, that does not warrant you to take actions that paint you as aggressive or dishonest.