Do’s and Don’ts for Fathers During Child Custody Evaluations

Father With His Daughter

A custody evaluation is an essential part of the court’s procedure during a child custody battle. These assessment procedures can be tough, especially if you are not aware of what to expect. This ignorance can only make things more complicated for you.

Consult professionals

The person evaluating the custody case will have recommendations that are not necessarily a legal requisite in any manner. But their advice will be considered important, and it might even influence the custody agreement you wish to attain.

So as a father, it is important for you to present yourself in a positive and favorable manner. You can consult a Denver divorce attorney or a child custody lawyer to understand your rights. It is also a good idea for you to know the do’s and don’ts as a father, to hold you in good stead during evaluation.

The Do’s

Since the welfare of your child is the priority, it is a good idea for you to be willing to work with your ex-wife in a collaborative manner. This will help you show to the court that you have the capability to work together. It is very tough for children to face and relate to parents who are constantly feuding.

So, it is important to talk to your kids and explain to them the job of the evaluator, as one who can help you and your spouse with the custody issue. It is necessary to tell your children that when they meet the assessor, they can answer as they choose to, as there is no right or wrong answer.

The other things you should do include learning about the prevailing family law, getting your documents ready and being honest with yourself.

The Don’ts

Do not speak ill about your ex-spouse; this will show you in bad light and indicate that you are not willing to cooperate. Do not train your children to hide any fact or say certain things. The third most important thing that you should not do is to go against court orders.

It is also a good idea not be careless during the process of child custody evaluation.

It is good to remember to never to put on a show, instead be your natural self and give honest answers to all the questions.