Child Custody Laws in Denver

Child Custody ContractWhen a family breaks down, the effect is felt not only by the husband and the wife but also by their children. While some issues may be settled amicably between the two parties, some would require the help of a family lawyer.

Child Custody

One of the challenges that come with child custody cases is that each state has its set of laws. For example, a Family Law lawyer in Denver, Colorado will most likely refer to a child custody case as “parental responsibilities.” In general, it is the same as other states put a premium on–who gets custody of the child and the number of visitation rights the other party could have. What sets it apart from some, however, is the fact that the court typically listens to the child’s wishes if the child is deemed to be mature enough to decide. A family lawyer in Denver will tell you that there is no specified limit when it comes to the child’s age; however, it is the court that ultimately decides which parent gets custody of the child.

Grandparent’s Visitation Rights and Best Interest Rule

Colorado is one of the many states that have already recognized the need for grandparents to share some visitation rights as the parents. However, certain limitations exist to protect the parent’s rights when it comes to how they will raise the child.

Similar to what other states have, Colorado child custody laws are based on what is considered as for the child’s best interest. In some cases, this can be joint custody. However, you should keep in mind that joint custody does not necessarily mean equal custody. It just means that both parties share in ensuring the welfare and best interests of the child.