The Only Moving-Out Timeline You Will Ever Need

Man packing cardboard boxSaying goodbye to your home is a bittersweet moment — you might feel sad about leaving your old place, but then again there is the excitement of moving into a new place.

The entire process can be really tedious particularly if you’re moving to a long distance, say to an entirely different city or even state. It’s not simply a matter of calling a company that rents out long-distance moving trucks and having them pick up your stuff and go.

Six to four months before

Scope out your new neighborhood. Take the time to look around and talk with locals. It will help you settle in more quickly when moving time comes. If you have kids, this is the best time to also look for schools or daycare.

Three months before

Confirm your moving date. Assess the furniture and things that you’ll be taking with you to your new home. Do you need extra storage? Can you do the removal yourself or would you need professional service? Research on moving service and get quotes.

Two months before

Start packing! Plan where you will be placing each item, particularly furniture, in your new home. Anything that won’t be going would you should be disposed of or stored properly.

Call and reserve your moving truck service also, particularly if your move is going to be quite a long distance. You don’t want to be stuck on moving day with nothing to actually help you move!

One month before

Inform utility companies of your move to have services canceled. Visit also your postal office and inform them your new address so you can have your mail redirected. Inform also your bank so that debits and orders can be redirected.

One week before

This is crunch time! Review your plans and make sure that you have everything packed. Any appliance that you’re still using at this point should also be prepped for the move — drain them of any gas and oil.

Pack also an essentials box containing all items that you would need right away while you’re still in the process of unpacking in your new home.