Shoo the Pests Away: Different Ways to Keep Rats from Going to Your Fruit Trees

A rat on the floorRodents, like rats and mice, are not only pests since they also spread illnesses. For instance, the urine of rats can spread leptospirosis that can cause damage to humans’ kidneys. Aside from that, their saliva can also spread viral infections. There was even a time in history were rats were to blame for the spread of the Black Plague with their fleas.

As you have professionals perform tree services in your Tauranga property, learn how you can prevent these pests effectively:

Pruning Trees Regularly

To prevent rats from going to your trees and get rid of them completely, you have to do some pruning. Rats are rarely on the ground, so they would reach your trees from your home, top of poles, or other trees. If you don’t allow the branches to touch anything, then rats will have a difficult time getting to your fruits.

Set Up Rat Guards on Trunks

After pruning your trees, you have to find a way to keep them from climbing from the trunk. A way to prevent this is to wrap metal sheets around the trunk of your fruit trees. You can even use this method on branches that touch wires, other trees, or possible rat entries.

Trap Those Rats

Avoid using any poison to get rid of rat infestation since there’s a chance that they will transfer the poison to your fruit trees. Besides, you’re also risking the lives of other animals like birds or your pets. If they happen to leave a noticeable rat trail on a dirt path, then set your traps. If it’s outside, then place a cover over the trap to guarantee that it does not trap birds.

Rats can cause a grave danger to human beings’ health, aside from causing damage to your fruit trees. They can force you to spend thousands in healing your trees, repairing the structure of your home and preventing health issues.