Repair Techniques for Broken or Damaged Glass Windows

Man installing glass windowGlass windows are arguably some of the most aesthetically appealing features of a house. Unfortunately, they are susceptible to breaking when exposed to the harsh elements. However, this should not be a hindrance to building your dream home. You can start by updating your windows or repairing small damages to make sure they last longer.

There are currently various techniques used for glass repair in Auckland. These techniques can be used to repair a range of defects on virtually all types of glass windows.

Epoxy Edge-Gluing

For broken glass in focal points of your window, epoxy edge-gluing is the ideal solution. This repair technique results in a nearly undetectable line and durable glass. Repair experts can tint epoxy resins using fine pigments thus reducing their refraction and light transmission. Epoxy edge-gluing is, however, time intensive and typically deteriorates when exposed to UV rays. Your repair expert might recommend a secondary glaze to protect the epoxy from UV degradation.

Silicone Edge-Gluing

This repair technique is used as an alternative to epoxy edge-gluing. It is the first choice in areas where flexible joints are required such as in multi-layered windows or those under continuous stress. Unlike epoxy edge-gluing, silicone edge-gluing is easily reversible but is at times visible since it refracts light differently.

Copper Foiling

This is the perfect DIY repair technique if your glass window has a small crack or two. The copper foil used in repair is a thin adhesive strip that is applied on the side of your cracked piece then trimmed to the glass surface’s minimum width before being soldered. Copper foiling is fully reversible, results in a strong repair and has a minimal aesthetic impact.

You will no doubt come across multiple web pages with DIY repair techniques for glass windows. But these only result in more extensive damage and put you at risk of cuts from the glass. The professional techniques mentioned above are the only proven ones for an efficient and safe repair.