Reduce Your Energy Bills with Solar Pool Heating

a swimming poolA solar heating system for your outdoor swimming pool can save you money and is good for the environment too. Many home-owners can still enjoy their pool and reduce their carbon footprint.

In areas where cold seasons are frequent, solar heating systems are an effective and affordable way to heat your swimming pool without pollution. Solar heating works by pumping water through a filter which removes any debris. A valve then forces the water through a solar collector where sunlight heats it and then returned to the pool.

The collector is efficient, converting 80% of the sun’s rays into heat. If a simple solar collector without protective glazing is used, this type of heating system can be used for indoor pools too.

Long-Term Savings

The initial expense for a solar heating system for your pool is around  AUD 3000, but maintenance costs are low, and most people recover the cost of their unit in just a few months.  You could save AUD 100 a year on bills so that you can save more.

A solar heating pool is estimated to last for 15 years. Solar heating systems also produce zero emissions, which benefits the environment.

Competitive Pricing

Solar pool heating systems are cheaper than solar roof panels.  It doesn’t require the installation of any extra pumps as the existing pool pump can be used.

Using solar powered heating for the swimming pool will enable users to swim in their pool for more months in the year, making it better value for money.

Solar energy is a ‘green’ way to heat your home and swimming pool all year round without hurting the environment. A solar heating pool system is something you and your family can enjoy for many years, without affecting the environment.