Measures for Ensuring Your Roof Is Fireproof

Roofing Contractor On RoofRoof leakage is the greatest concern for many homeowners. However, fire is also one of the many dangers why you need to maintain your roof. Debris and unmaintained shingles can make your roof susceptible to fire.

Many roofing contractors in Tauranga, New Zealand will tell you that it’s important to ensure that your house is free of debris as one measure of preventing fire. Kiwispout NZ LTD says that you should check the following things to make sure that your home is safe.

1. Choose a roofing material that has an excellent fire rating.

Townsville home builders consider a roofing material with a rating of A is excellent when it comes to withstanding fires. Class B, on the other hand, is medium in protection while C is the lowest in that order.

Consider your location and your surrounding area. If you live in a place where brush fires are common, it’s best to choose a roofing material is not vulnerable to fires.

2. Keep your roof vegetation-free.

If you have greenery in your lawn or backyard, make sure to remove dry leaves and overhanging branches from your home’s immediate vicinity. Pruning your tree branches ensures the roof is free of dry leaves.

3.  Keep your roof and gutters debris-free.

Have your roof and gutter checked to ensure that they are clean. Nothing makes your home susceptible to fire than debris and dry leaves.

4. Check your roof for cracks.

Aside from causing water damage, cracks can easily allow fire embers to get into an attic. Prevent fires and water damage by checking your roof periodically to prevent cracks and leaks.

5. make sure that your roof is ageing gracefully.

Aging roofing materials could be very susceptible to fire. Always ensure that your roof is still durable and repair small problems before they become serious.

In conclusion, keeping your roof clean will go a long way in preventing your house from catching fire.