Is Your Home Spider-Proof?

Black Widow spider on a webSpiders play an important role in the environment since they help in getting rid of insects, but they can also be a nuisance, especially at home.

If you live in Utah, there are many products to eliminate them or drive them away, including a spider spray. In Salt Lake City and other cities, funnel web spiders such as black widows are the most common types found at home.

Special Attention

Homeowners should pay attention to black widow infestation due to the health risks involved. One way to prevent them from staying on your property is changing your exterior lights. Instead of regular bulbs, the use of sodium vapor lighting can be a better option. Otherwise, known as yellow bulbs, these attract fewer insects and reduce the food source for black widows or other types of spiders.

Black widows come out at night to hunt, so it could be a risk for those that move outside the house during this time. If the idea of killing them turns you off, pest control companies can do the work for you.

Moving Out

Most people remain unaware that they may be bringing spiders into their new homes by buying secondhand furniture. The money you save from buying pre-owned items may not be enough to cover the cost of damages when these become too complex.

If you still need to bring in used furniture, be sure to quarantine them for a few months or check for any signs of pest infestation. Aside from spiders, bed bugs and scorpions can live inside furniture.

A clean and well-kept house serves as your best preventive measure against spiders and other pests, although professional pest control services may be necessary in certain cases.