Garden Shed Storage Organisation Ideas: A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Garden Shed StorageIf you want your garden shed to look as beautiful as your garden, then it’s time for you to reorganise and clean it. You don’t want its view to ruin your picture-perfect backyard, right? To begin, clean out everything inside it. Once your garden shed storage from is clean inside and out, consider the organisation solutions below:

  1. As soon as you’re done power washing and wiping down your shed, apply a fresh coat of paint to give it a new, clean look. You can even decorate its outside with mulch if temperatures allow.
  2. Add a shelf to arrange your gardening tools and keep them off the floor. This way, you’ll never have to trip over bird seed, lawn seed, flower pots and watering cans again.
  3. Make your tool storage container to keep your hand tools free from rust or get a pegboard to hang them. For tools with long handles, like shovels, use wall hooks to hang them up. With pre arranged tools, you’ll easily find them whenever you need them.
  4. For supplies that you usually utilise, take advantage of containers and store them there. A planter will be able to hold sleeves of small peat pots or garden twines and keep your seeds organised. Totes and storage bins will also do the trick in securing your tools.
  5. A potting bench won’t only serve as a place where you can repot a plant as you can also use it for storage. Try customising your workbench or building your potting bench.
  6. Use S-hooks or storage hooks to hang assorted items, including wreaths, garden totes, gardening shorts and work aprons. Just find a place for everything and everything will serve in its place.

Your landscape designer made sure that your garden looks pristine. Your shed, however, tells a different story. By following the above organisation ideas, you can ensure that your shed stays in tip-top shape.