Don’t Let Water Heater Temp Fluctuations Keep Bothering You

Plumber fixing the water heater

A common water heater-related issue that households experience is fluctuating temperatures. For instance, the water turns chilly when you’re enjoying a hot shower or you’ve waited for several minutes to fill the tub, only to find that the water isn’t warm enough. These aren’t only an annoyance and an inconvenience to your daily activities; they also reduce the overall quality of living that your home provides.

As such, and other experts say that it pays to know about the possible reasons behind these temperature fluctuations.

Toilet using an excessive amount of water

One of the possible causes is a malfunctioning toilet. You may have noticed the fluctuations occurring when someone in another bathroom flushes the toilet there. In this case, it’s likely that the toilet in question uses too much water to flush and refill.

You can perform a DIY strategy in this situation, as long as you feel comfortable with your skills. Adjust the supply valve to slow down the toilet water refilling process. For older toilets, consider replacing them with low-flow ones. The installation requires extensive work, which you should leave in the hands of professional plumbers.

Outdated or faulty mixing valves

Mixing valves ensure a proper balance between cold and hot water mixtures. When they’re nearing the end of their lifespan or are already broken, you can expect them to perform poorly, which results in incorrect heating or cooling of the water. The best way to work around this issue is to replace these plumbing components.

It’s crucial to treat water heater temperature fluctuations like you would with other plumbing-related problems, as they can cause unnecessary disruptions in your schedule. In fact, they can also pose health and safety hazards, such as burns and scalding, which makes promptly resolving the issue even more important.