Childproofing Your Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank in 3 Ways

Baby enjoying a foamy bathYour baby is fast approaching toddler years and they’re now exploring your home. This can be a reason to be excited, or panic depending on your home’s present safety standards. The bathroom happens to be one of the dangerous yet most frequented places, so it’s best that childproofing starts there. Here are a few ways to keep the upgrades within budget:

Make the Most of Store Sales

There are specific times when household items and furnishings are offered at discounted rates. Make the most of them by purchasing the more expensive childproofing gears, while reserving the smaller items for later. Some of these would include baby-proof locks, childproof doorknobs, skid-proof mats, plumbing attachments, and child-friendly toilet fasteners.


Hiring carpenters, plumbers, and other maintenance personnel to install baby-safe fixtures can cost you a lot. If you or any member of your household knows your way around such fixtures, choose Do-It-Yourself installations instead. Knotty Alder Cabinets, for instance, noted that RTA bathroom cabinets may be a little more expensive, but you won’t have to deal with paying for extra labor to set it up.

Choose Certified Child-Friendly Items

Like some DIY kits, certified child-friendly furniture, fittings, and furnishings will be a little bit more costly than their standard counterparts. However, you’re guaranteed that the item you buy will be worth it for your home’s safety and security. Though you’re obviously penny-pinching, there are purchases that can be considered investments in the long run.

If you can afford to go all out on improving your bathroom’s safety, so be it. For those with a tight budget, however, you can buy a few items at a time while saving up for those you can’t afford yet. As your child grows older, it will be more difficult for you to keep them safe from their own curiosity. Childproof your home as soon as possible.