Can You Do It? Spring Cleaning Your Home in a Day

House CleaningYou take out the vacuum every now and then, perhaps even give your kitchen counters a nice wipe-down. However, is that enough to keep your family safe from the contaminants, allergens, and disease-carrying microorganisms in your home? Some studies have shown that indoor air in many homes is even more dangerous than outdoor air. Some surfaces in your home could be full of bacteria and viruses and you don’t even know it.

To keep your home extra-clean, you have to be vigilant about cleaning and also do some spring cleaning at least once a year. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Vacuum and Wipe-Down

You may not see it all, but dirt and grime build up on surfaces over time — from your walls to your ceilings. You might also be ignoring the occasional spider web. Vacuum your floors (taking extra time for your carpets and rugs), walls, and ceiling to remove dust and allergens. Then wipe the hard surfaces with a microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner.

Clean the Bathroom

Use extra-strong spray cleaner on the walls, tub, and floor. Soak your shower head in a 50-50 mix of water and distilled vinegar in a plastic bag that you can tie around it. Leave it all for about 15-30 minutes as you do other chores. Then come back and spray it with water and wipe it down with microfiber towels. Use a mop for the floor. Remove the vinegar mix from the shower head, and then wash the shower head with clean water.

Clean the Air-Conditioner

There are cleaning instructions in your air conditioning manual, so make sure to follow them to avoid removing or damaging any components. Air-conditioners are responsible for much of your indoor air, so they should not be blowing contaminated air. Call a professional for air duct cleaning in Maryland, as cleaning these parts can be extra difficult and sensitive. You want to get all that dust and grime so they don’t begin to collect mold and other pollutants.

Power Wash the Garage

The garage is often neglected when it comes to cleaning, and it’s not exactly a living space. To make your home completely clean, you can’t miss this important task. Park your car on the driveway, box up your tools for now (if they’re hanging on the wall), throw out the things you don’t need, and remove everything. Power wash it, then spray it with disinfectant and mop it dry. You can use an electric fan to help with drying. Then put things back in without the clutter.

If you’re organized, you might be able to do this within a day. Schedule the air duct servicing ahead of time. You don’t have to sacrifice a weekend or two for spring cleaning.