3 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

A Nice Living RoomJust because you live on a budget does not mean you cannot make your living room look like it’s worth a million bucks. In fact, there are ways to make your living room look expensive without breaking the bank. From handcrafted furniture to a few simple tips and tricks, it is entirely possible to dress up your living room to make it luxurious while staying within your budget.

The Amish Craftsman has a few suggestions for you.

Handcrafted Furniture

Consider adding handcrafted furniture pieces specifically created for your living room. Custom furniture offers a personalized look that appears expensive without draining your wallet. In most situations, you can choose the type of wood, stain, and fabric. From side tables to couches and everything in between, you can improve your living room using handcrafted furniture.

Simplify Your Style

Having an expensive living room does not mean you have to clutter it with multiple objects. Having multiple pieces on display does not indicate that you have spent a lot of money. Instead, experts suggest keeping it simple and clean. A clean, organized space looks far more elaborate and expensive than the one that is cluttered. Go for minimalist pieces and clean lines to make your living room look elegant, spacious, and sophisticated.

Go Faux

Faux furs are a great way to add an expensive look to your home without spending a lot. Not only are faux furs comfortable, they also add a luxurious appeal to your space. Faux fur is often made from a number of different synthetic fibers that are fire resistant and often resistant to water damage. These qualities make them a smarter and less expensive choice for many.

Making your living room look expensive is something you can do with the smallest of budgets. Choosing the right furniture, arranging the room the right way, and choosing expensive looking accessories can go a long way.