2018 Trends for 2018 Kitchen Remodel Plans

Luxurious home kitchenDo you have a plan from last year for a custom kitchen remodel this year in your Salt Lake City home? You may want to scrap that old idea and think of a new one as trends and preferences have changed with the arrival of 2018.

Old popular choices of granite and all-white kitchens have passed and replaced with quartz and accent colors. What else do homeowners today want differently in their kitchens?

Quartz on the Rise

Granite countertops have been experiencing a three-year decline, although rural homes continue to choose the material. Popularity has surged for engineered quartz; marble has become a top choice as well.

You will have to spend more on engineered quartz than granite, however, while marble costs as much as granite in most cases.

Shifts in Style, Layout, and Color

Kitchen style, layout, and color scheme have changed for 2018 as well. Homeowners have opted for more contemporary and farmhouse kitchen styles away from the usual modern or traditional styles.

They have also shifted from a U-shaped layout to an L-shaped design. Color has even invaded all-white kitchens, providing accents and highlighting kitchen features.

Turn to Smart Tech

With the reliable smart products that were released last year, you can turn your kitchen into a smart one for the new year. Homeowners have chosen to place home assistants in their kitchens while they have gotten rid of televisions.

When you have the extra budget, you can even spend on wireless and voice-controlled appliances.

Add Leaves to your Kitchen

When you want some green in your kitchen, you can choose leafy plants as many have discarded their succulents already. The past years have turned to succulents for discreet pops of green in different spaces, but homeowners have now changed their minds.

As many others do, you can also spend on cheap but beautiful leafy plants. Do remember to water them.

With the new trends listed above, you can now draft new plans for your custom kitchen remodel in your home, and soon finally place your kitchen at the forefront of kitchen design.