Yoga Poses That Detoxify Your Body

a yoga poseDetoxification does not always have to involve a rigorous change of diet, getting into a juice fast or drinking a concoction of nauseating herbs. Another way to cleanse is to try a detox retreat with yoga.

Yoga offers various practices that make you feel energetic on the outside and calmer on the inside. Retreats feature programs designed to address anxiety, stress, and fatigue, among others. You’ll follow schedule that includes meditations, workshops, and of course, yoga sessions.

Here are various detoxifying asanas that you should try during your next detox yoga retreat.

The Revolved Chair Pose

Position your feet either together or hip-width apart. Bend both knees as though you are sitting on a chair and ensure that the knees are well aligned with the feet. Press your palms together, bringing them to the center of your chest, and push one elbow to reach the opposite knee. Then squeeze the shoulder blades and open your chest as wide as possible. Besides boosting your vertebrae and spine health, this pose stimulates your spleen, liver, and the digestive system.

Sage Twist Pose

Sit on your mat straightening both legs in front of you. Then bend the left leg toward the chest, and rotate the torso toward the left knee. Then wrapping the right arm around the left knee, position the knee in the right elbow crook. Rest in this asana for several breaths then change sides and repeat. This yoga aids in digestion stimulation. Abdominal organs, such as the liver and the kidney, are also stimulated, so they remove impurities from the body more efficiently.

Forearm wheel

Recline on your back, slowly push your body up, gently placing the crown of the head on the yoga mat. Then slowly, and one at a time, bring the forearms onto the mat. Then again push up to form a backbend. This asana helps in getting rid of congestion and stagnation in your body as well as activation of your metabolism.

Besides detox, this yoga helps you to work out and tone up your body. In the end, you will be a transformed person in body, mind, spiritually and physically. That said, identify your favorite asanas and get going.