How Crooked Teeth Can Lead to Unhappiness

Dentist assists in putting on the clear bracesPeople often consider crooked teeth as a trivial matter, but there is nothing casual about their effects on people.

The damage of crooked teeth can be physiological and emotional, interfering with the person’s ability to eat and speak normally, and sometimes hurting their confidence. Outsiders overlook these problems and assume that crooked teeth are a minor problem.

Effect of Crooked Teeth on Smile

A significant impact of crooked teeth is their influence on the person’s readiness to smile. Depending on the severity, crooked teeth can range from slightly unattractive to utterly unsightly. Smiling mostly becomes a conscious effort. For others, smiling is not a choice altogether.

This hesitation to smile, if consistently cultivated, can last a lifetime. For the unlucky people who have made a bad habit of controlling this act of joy, they are missing out on its most important benefits.

Benefits of Smile on Your Happiness

People smile because they feel happy. According to an American study, this can happen the other way around. As much as internal emotions can trigger outward expressions, people can dictate their emotional state by altering their facial expressions.

The study reveals “smilers” show lower heart rate levels during a stressful task than those who had a neutral expression. Moreover, the act of smiling (lifting the cheeks to reveal the teeth) elevates the mood and improves the overall response to stressors.

People with crooked teeth stop their impulse to smile almost like second nature. They either cover their mouth, keep their lips pursed together or try to suppress the feeling of elation. This means they are less likely to enjoy the benefits of smiling than those who can flash one easily.

Clear Braces Give People a Reason To Smile

Fortunately, correcting crooked teeth for adults is not as difficult as it used to be. Clear braces like Invisalign have paved the way for modern straightening treatments, which are quicker, less obtrusive and more convenient.

With these orthodontic solutions, more people have more reasons to smile, change the way they perceive themselves and improve their quality of life.