Hertfordshire Updates: A Mix of Bizarre and Wonderful News

A Group of Medical Professionals

Southern England’s Hertfordshire is not unlike other areas surrounding it. It is close enough to Essex and Greater London, and it is reached easily by government efforts to improve healthcare. Herts is also not new to some of the bizarre works of nature.

Straw-Nado Attack

Just off East Herts, officers on duty captured an unusual phenomenon happening on a farm. The footage, featured in The Sun‘s article, shows straw being lifted off the ground and moving in a clockwise motion. Upon seeing the phenomenon, experts revealed it to be a dust devil, which is opposite from a tornado in that it originates from the ground, not from the skies. According to the police officers, the straw-nado left a farmer fuming because the straw was ‘now in a mess’.

Implant Popularity

In Hertfordshire, it is continuously becoming normal for residents to talk to their dentists about Invisalign, a leading ‘invisible’ aligner without metals. It continues to soar in popularity because of the convenience that the clear and removable aligner tray provides. Though dental hygienists recommend that Invisalign be worn for 22 hours each day, a patient can remove it at certain times, such as when chewing a gum that may stick to the aligner, or when drinking a sugary beverage. Celebrities have also used Invisalign to correct their bite without having to resort to metal braces.

Improved NHS

Hertfordshire also now enjoys better services from the non-emergency body of NHS. Hemel Today reveals that the non-emergency 111 service offers access to more health professionals, who are available all day, 365 days a year. Patients can get in contact with health advisors for self-care advice or a phone consultation with a nurse or GP.

It is truly wonderful to see Herts making changes to its health system and for its residents to embrace change that will improve their lives. Amidst all these, however, there is still enough room for the wonderfully unexpected.