Debunking Your Fluoride Fears

Child drinking water from a faucetFluoride has recently been in a bad light — it’s harmful, dangerous, and can cause severe physical and mental conditions. But is there truth to these allegations — or are they just rumors and rumblings of uninformed people? Initiatives such as Healthier Colorado – Fluoride Project have a few ideas.

The regulated levels of fluoride in your water are safe. Fluoride becomes dangerous at very high levels or if you consume more than 10mg daily in a span of 10 years. Deaths and diseases related to fluoride in the US usually come from the manufacturing sector and the accidental inhalation of fluoride in gas form.

Skeletal Fluorosis

One of the leading arguments against fluoride in drinking water is skeletal fluorosis. This is a condition caused by too much fluoride intake damaging the bones.

Most of these cases occur in India and China — but rarely do they tell you that the fluoride in the water came from wells or naturally occurring water sources. People affected by skeletal fluorosis have been drinking water with ten times the amount of fluoride compared to the ones in your tap.

Your body easily processes fluoride, and at the regulated levels you have today — it is safe and harmless.

Fluoride, Learning, and IQ

Another argument against fluoride is that it makes people less intelligent. This study was in India — where massive amounts of fluoride are in their well water. The studies were done to a small group of children that were suffering from varying stages of malnutrition.

This made them more vulnerable to any effect the high levels of fluoride in their water might have. The levels of fluoride in India don’t come near to what’s in your drinking water. If fluoride did affect IQ, 70 years of having it in our waters would have already shown some effects — it has not.

There are no studies regarding the fluoride levels in the drinking water here in the US that have shown that fluoride is dangerous or harmful. In fact, every major health organization has certified the safety of properly added fluoride in drinking water.