A Parent’s Primer on Mental Health Issues and Management in Children and Adolescents

Smiling boy jumping on a trampolineAccording to research, mental illness with lifetime effects and consequences typically arise at 14 years old. Studies are still trying to find answers on how the development of the brain and the body affects the emergence of mental health problems. Mental disorders in children and adolescents are an important public health issue in the United States.

Mental health problem affects the entire household. Once a child starts exhibiting inappropriate, disruptive, destructive, or harmful behaviors due to mental health issues, parents must get immediate professional assistance. Not getting treatment or delaying it only causes the symptoms to worsen, and the possible additional issues to arise.

Where to get help

A variety of factors influences a child’s mental health and well-being. Family Health Services explains that acute psychiatric care may be necessary for children and adolescents experiencing emotional distress. Meanwhile, continuous care in a behavioral health center in Sandusky may be the best help available for children who have been diagnosed with mental health illness that affects daily life.

Every year, more than $247 billion goes to expenses related to management of mental disorders in children and adolescents. Today, efforts continue to integrate behavioral health strategies with the work and services of other disciplines, including child education and healthcare.

Child and adolescent psychiatry

Parents must be aware that inpatient and outpatient care are available to their child, whichever is recommended by a qualified mental health practitioner. The pioneering work of Dr. Leo Kanner of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the first physician in America who carried the title of a child psychiatrist, led to the formalization of the field of child psychiatry. He is the physician who first described the signs and symptoms of infantile autism.

Understanding your child’s needs and identifying appropriate interventions are important in resolving mental health problems. Psychiatric support is available, so don’t hesitate to call for help.