Top Three Traits That You Need to Find in a Family Lawyer

Family law matters can be difficult to handle, not only because of the laws involved but due to the drama that usually erupts with it. Hiring a lawyer is recommended since many of these legal conflicts can literally hit too close to home and can result in intensely emotional situations….

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Child Custody Laws in Denver

When a family breaks down, the effect is felt not only by the husband and the wife but also by their children. While some issues may be settled amicably between the two parties, some would require the help of a family lawyer. Child Custody One of the challenges that come…

When Pettiness Becomes Assault: Throwing Soda at Someone

Think twice before throwing a drink at someone. The law could charge you with assault. While it’s a misdemeanor, the crime comes in different classifications with corresponding punishments. Assault in a Nutshell North Carolina law considers domestic violence, assault involving a deadly weapon, sexual battery, and incidents involving serious injuries…