Show Your Gums Some Love

Having white teeth is important in maintaining a healthy smile, but you shouldn’t forget your gums too. Note that being cavity-free doesn’t mean that you can have gum or periodontal disease. As this is usually painless in the early stages, you may believe that you have healthy teeth and gums….

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Dentures and How to Make Them Last Longer

Your smile is one of your best assets. Therefore, investing in your oral health is a must. There are times, however, when no amount of effort can save your damaged teeth. You need not live with missing teeth and endure the consequences. Your dentist would surely offer you dental prosthetic solutions….

Dental Implants for a Healthy Mouth

If you have heard people talking about their dental implants, they may well have been saying how good they are at solving the issues that can occur with dentures. They may have talked about how lovely it is to be able to eat any food you like without being in…

Dental Problems That Require Orthodontic Devices

Very few people have perfectly aligned teeth and a perfect bite. Everyone has differences, and some people have major bite problems. These bite problems not only cause discomfort while chewing but also hinder your ability to speak clearly, breathe properly and sleep peacefully. Fortunately, there are cures and treatments possible…

How to Get the Most Out of Your Invisalign Experience

In Birmingham, Invisalign is one of the orthodontic treatment alternatives available to patients who do not wish to go the route of traditional wire-and-bracket braces. By wearing a set of customised plastic trays over your teeth, you gently nudge your teeth into position over the course of several months to…