Which Spill Kit is Right For Your Business?

Worker standing on an oil-spilled floor

No matter your industry, you need to consider having a spill kit at your business location. Even if you don’t deal with dangerous chemicals, a simple water or oil spill can be a trip hazard and pose risks to the health and safety of your staff. But, before you purchase a spill kit, it is important to know the type or grade of spill kit that best suits your needs.

General-Purpose Spill Kits

Designed for non-hazardous applications, general-purpose spill kits usually include universal absorbent pads, gloves, mini-booms and other products that can contain simple spills that are either unsightly or may cause a person to slip. Thus, these general-purpose spill kits are ideal for workplaces such as schools, wineries, shopping complexes and food and beverage processing plants.

Fuel and Oil Spill Kits

Universal absorbent pads aren’t effective at containing fuel or oil spill. So, if your business deals with hydrocarbon spills, such as fuels and machinery oil, then the fuel and oil spill kits are a better option. This type of spill kit is often the choice of auto repair shops, workshops, warehouses, industrial ports, construction yards and other workplaces where mechanical work is constantly carried out.

Chemical Spill Kits

Chemical spill kits are, of course, ideal for laboratories and other workplaces where chemical spills may occur. Choosing the right chemical spill kit, however, is a bit more complicated. You need to find the kit that includes absorbent products that work well with the kind of chemicals you work with. After all, chemicals require proper handling and management, especially when they’re spilt. The wrong choice of absorbent pads, for instance, may increase the risk of fire or toxic gasses in your laboratory.

Other than the types of spill kits, you might also want to consider having a spill response plan that you can achieve through specialised training sessions. It is one thing to get the right kit for your business; it’s another to know how to use it properly.