The Power of Drinkware: Pub Owner’s Guide to Gaining More Customers

Three happy young men toasting with beerFor a pub here in Australia, you may entertain and serve a constant number of patrons on a weekly or even a daily basis. Drinking beer remains a favourite Australian pastime. Perhaps you know this already given the presence of your loyal patrons.

As a business owner, you want more customers to choose your place. Learn some effective ways to keep loyal customers coming back.

Drinking: A Popular Activity

The National Health Survey documented 80.6 per cent of Australians 18 years old and above consumed alcohol in 2016. Furthermore, 17.4 per cent consumed an average of at least two standard drinks per day. With these percentages, you, the pub owner, can grab an opportunity to grow your business.

A Business Opportunity

Given Australians’ penchant for drink, you can lead your business towards greater success by expanding your customer base. You may already have a solid patronage, but you can still grow that. With an expanded customer base, you can open new branches in other parts of your city and beyond. This allows you to generate more income and profit.

Promote Your Business

You can begin expanding your customer base through simple promotional products, specifically, drinkware. Drinkware, even in the United States, remains a popular promotional product since people can use it every day. Drinkware can also be an incentive for customers or newcomers who came to drink in your pub.

Prepare Your Drinkware

A company that offers promotional printing services can design and create promotional beer mugs, shot glasses, and other drinkware that you can use in your pub. According to Abacus Printing, you can distribute these items to loyal patrons, sell them, or offer as gifts. Popular drinkware includes coffee mugs and stainless steel cups, while pub drinkware also remains essential.

Promotional drinkware can serve as advertisements to people outside your customer base. They may be attracted to drink at your pub. When you encounter more customers coming to your place, you know that your drinkware has done the job well.