How to Turn First-Time Customers to Repeat Customers

sales lady is attending to a woman customer who is looking at a washing machineOne of the main goals for most startups is making that first sale. And when it finally happens, it feels like you’ve finally made it. But the goal is to let everyone know you exist and make the business grow.

How exactly are you going to do that? The key is to focus on making every first-time customer a repeat customer. Here are a few tips:

Standard Quality

It doesn’t matter whether they bought a single mug or a dozen, it’s crucial to make customers feel that they are important. The quality of your product and service should be consistent, whether the purchase was made online or at the store.

For instance, no one wants to receive damaged goods, so make sure to use quality packaging, especially for fragile items for shipping. It pays to work only with the best product packaging companies in Salt Lake City to ensure reliable business.

Rewards Program

Freebies and rewards are a great way to attract customers. This is why even popular brands give out freebies and rewards cards to their loyal customers.

The most common rewards structure is the points system, where a customer gains points for items purchased. The points can then be exchanged for items or discounts afterward.


With social media, email marketing and everything else done online now, it has become more challenging to give a personal touch to business transactions. It might be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Customers know when staff is genuinely concerned with their issue with a product or service, or if they actually love what they do. Every time you get the chance, make that personal connection with your customer and take the time to listen. This can do wonders to a business.

As they say, loyalty is priceless and for very obvious reasons. Always keep in mind that it takes years to build a reputation, and only seconds to ruin it.