Reasons to Love the 3rd Generation Mustang

Red beautiful MustangThe third-generation Mustang launched into the market in 1978 and production went on until 1993. But despite releasing new models, it seems that the Fox-body, as it is popularly known, continues to capture the affection of car enthusiasts, who love a sporty car that is laidback and classy at the same time.

This is where car parts vendor Anderson Ford Motorsport finds the market for its Mustang GT, LX, or Cobra products, among muscle car aficionados, especially when one is looking for hard-to-find 1993 Mustang parts.

Here are the top reasons why the third-generation Mustang is an awesome car:

The Ford Mustang III got swag

It does not matter what you do with your third-generation Ford Mustang or where you go with it: You can bring it to work, the supermarket, the drive-in movie theater, or use it to pick up your mom or toddler, and you would still look like the coolest person in town.

Celebrities love it

From Conan O’Brien to Nick Jonas, the third-generation Ford Mustang is a classic automobile that attracts adoration by the country’s stars. Nick Jonas drives a Classic Ford Mustang Cobra, while Conan owns several Mustangs, including the Ford Taurus SHO, first launched in 1988.

Eminem drives a 1999 Ford Mustang convertible. Carrie Underwood, meanwhile, drives a blue Mustang, adding to the long list of celebrities who are big fans of the iconic car line.

Optimized for speed racing

The 1980s saw the Mustang becoming a staple in motorsports, propelled to fame in the late 1960s by its appearance in the Steve McQueen film, “Bullitt,” and its participation in the Trans-Am Racing.

Its revamped lightweight design and torque helped a lot, which are apparent in the SVO and SVT (Special Vehicle Team) models in the early to late 1980s. The SVT F-150 Lightning, for instance, runs on a 240-horsepower and 5.8-liter engine, which is a very powerful engine, if you think about it.

Do you now feel that inexplicable urge to own a Ford Mustang III? Well, if you read the article then it becomes evident why.