March 2017

Choosing the Right Bike Size: Know Your Frame Size

What is the accurate bike size for you? Well, only a few people know the answer to this; let alone consider the question when purchasing their bikes. Most riders will just try on a bike. If it feels generally okay, they will buy it. This doesn’t have to be you….

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Towing a Low Slung Exotic Car the Right Way

Gone are the days when towing was all about attaching a crane in front, hitching the vehicle up and pulling it off. Modern car designs have added so much to the front bumper, making this approach potentially catastrophic to the car’s aesthetics. If you own an exotic low-slung vehicle, you…

Traditional: The Most Persistent Parts of Weddings Around the World

Some people want their wedding to be traditional, with family and friends around, in their house of worship, complete with the bridal entourage, flowers and such. Others want it to be modern, with many touches of personality reflecting the bride and groom’s. Whatever the kind of wedding you want, some…